How can you manage electrical loads with very low impedance?

In this article we show you, how we constructed two mobile test benches for a known electrical test lab with the aim of injecting up to 600A short-circuit current into a primary transformer circuit!

Why does our customer need this equipment?

Our client specializes in testing electrical safety equipment (isolators, circuit breakers, fuses, etc.). They were therefore looking for a solution that is:

  • Flexible and mobile to connect different test objects
  • Performant enough to accurately inject currents into a 3-phase system with very low impedances



The PICS solution

To meet this demand, we have designed a mobile construction consisting of two 3-phase Epower and a nanodac to control as well as record data.
The Epower is a modular thyristor unit that can operate in phase angle up to very low voltage values! This is important when controlling the primary side of a transformer.
Thanks to the "external feedback" option, the thyristor can accurately control the secondary short-circuit currents flowing through the test object.
All measured parameters such as currents, voltages, power factor etc. are sent via Modbus TCP to the nanodac data recorder for logging and further analysis