Working with SiteManager SMS and Email Alerts



The SiteManager  appliances  support a  variety  of  Alert  mechanisms.  Alerts can  be  triggered  by  an  Input  port,  Serial  port (AT  commands)  or  Ethernet (URL or UDP/TCP commands).
The  resulting  Alerts  can  be  sent either  directly  from  the  SiteManager  via SMS (for models with integrated modem) or Email, or the Alerts can be sent via the GateManager either as SMS (if the GateManager has SMS enabled) or as Email.

Alert trigger methods

Devices  installed  locally  to  the  SiteManager,  can  use  it  to  send Alert messages by the following trigger methods:

  • TCP/UDP - with  an  Ethernet  connection  to  the  SiteManager  an SMS or Email can be send by establishing a TCP session from the PLC to a port (default) 26864 on  the Uplink  or DEV  interface  and  send a message such as: /+4511223344/ Tank level low
  • Digital Input ports - on the SiteManager WEB interface you can configure the GateManager > Alert menu to send a static text to a mobile number or email or list of recipients when the Input1 or Input2 ports goes ON or OFF.
  • Serial Port by using AT Commands you can, with  a Serial connection from your PLC, trigger the SiteManager to send a SMS or an Email such as: AT+CMGS=+4511223344 CR Tank level low ctrl+z
  • HTTP browser - for  testing  and  troubleshooting  you  can  use  a  web browser  to send an SMS or Email message, by  typing e.g. the following in  the address  bar  from  a  PC  placed  on  the  Uplink  or  DEV  side  of  the SiteManager: testing_SMS
  • HTTP  Request - You  can  issue  a  GET  or  POST  HTTP  request  to  the SiteManager to send an SMS