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Adroit Lite Version Software


Following market demands, Adroit Technologies has introduced a reduced functionality, low-cost version of the highly successful Adroit SCADA Software to the market.

The focus is the machine builder’s simple process requirements that do not require the capabilities of the full Adroit SCADA software. However, unlike most competitive stand-alone solutions, the Adroit Lite allows users to license up to 2 remote clients. This allows the user to have more visibility into the machine or plant being controlled, as well as being able to change the project remotely.

Designing in the Adroit Lite Software is made easy with the Adroit Lite tools ie:

  • navigation templates
  • wizards
  • shapes.
  • the project creation wizard

Adroit Lite Features

Based on the Adroit SCADA Software architecture the users have access to various Agents when configuring the Agent Server, allowing a more object-oriented approach to configuration. Users are therefore not limited to simple tag-based configuration but have access to the full power of the Adroit SCADA, including unlimited alarming, logging, scripting and interaction to the database that allows for a far more flexible and powerful solution.


  • Scripting Supported
  • Communication Capabilities
  • Data Logging
  • IPC and OEM Bundles
  • Library of Graphics



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