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After sales service

Repairs, calibrations and training both in house as well as at the customer site complete our services.

A variety of response services are available as part of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to give you the peace of mind you require should a problem arise.

Services may include:

  • Call Out Response – Pics will mobilise a trained field engineer to attend site within a guaranteed time frame
  • In the event of an emergency or break down, then via an SLA Pics can provide an on-site engineer within a guaranteed mobilisation window
  • On-site Technical Support Days

Our field service teams can provide a range of services alongside breakdown assistance, including assistance with commissioning, training, process improvement and routine maintenance. Each engineer has been factory trained and carries tested and verified calibration equipment along with an extensive range of spares to ensure we can resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

An SLA may include a specified number of technical support days which may be used to carry out many planned activities to support and optimise your system and assist on-site personnel:

  • Create disaster recovery backups of the system
  • Carry out planned system maintenance activities such as running system diagnostics, cleaning filters, checking fan run down times etc.
  • Carry out an audit of on-site spares holding to ensure satisfactory spares holding for the lifetime of the system
  • Carry out any critical or necessary system updates
  • On-site modifications to control system functionality
  • System enhancement and upgrade activities
  • Informal on-site training
  • Application assistance
  • Upgrade planning roadmap
  • Annual lifecycle assessment report