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iTools Features

iTools is available with different features enabled according to the level of functionality required. The following features may be specified, in any combination, when obtaining iTools:

  •     Configuration Software
  •     Open OPC Server – allows 3rd-party client access to the OPC server
  •     OPC Scope trending and logging
  •     Standalone Programmer Editor

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It is possible to upgrade the set of available features by purchasing a new Product Key from Eurotherm. The Configuration Software option is not charged for. However, it may be disabled by Product Key where it is specifically not required.

Whenever the Configuration Software option is specified, all other options (where not ordered) will operate in a demo mode as appropriate.

If OPC Scope trending and logging has not been specified, the OPC Scope program will still be available as a simple OPC client offering live textual displays.

Installing iTools

iTools is supplied on CD-ROM, or as a download from the Eurotherm web site.

Product Key

During iTools installation you will be asked for a Product Key. The key is a 20-character value in the format 01234-56789-ABCDE-F0123. You will find this number on the back of the CD case. The Product Key determines which iTools features are enabled. iTools version 5 and later are also compatible with 10-digit Product Keys supplied with earlier versions of iTools.

If you enter no Product Key, or an incorrect Product Key, iTools will install with Configuration Software available, as well as other features in Demo mode. This will apply where iTools was downloaded from the Eurotherm web site.

A new Product Key may be entered after installation, by selecting ‘Registration Information…’ from the Help menu in iTools.

System Requirements

The minimum requirement is:

  •     The PC must be running Windows 7, Windows 8*, Windows 8.1*, Windows 10*, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012* or Windows Server 2012 R2* (* consult support).
  • The PC must be set to at least 65536 colors.
  • At least 1 GB RAM is required (or the minimum specified by Microsoft if greater).
  • iTools will use no more than 1 GB of disk space, but it is recommended to have a minimum of 4 GB free prior to installation.

Devices Supported

The following devices and versions are fully supported by iTools. Where a device is of the same type but a different version from those listed here, much of the iTools functionality may be expected to work correctly.

2116, 2132
2108i, 2116i, 2132i

2204, 2208, 2216

2204e, 2208e, 2216e


2404, 2408, 2416






3116, 3216, 3208, 32h8, 3204

3216i, 32h8i, 3204i


3504, 3508

5000B, 5100E, 5100V, 5180V

6100A, 6180A, 6100XIO, 6180XIO


EPack 2 Phase/EPack 3 Phase




piccolo P104, P108, P116

piccolo P304i, P304c








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