Weintek, professionele Man-Machine interface (MMI)

Prestatie, Ontwerp en Veelzijdigheid

MT8000iE / XE / MTV serie

Ultra-slim form factor

Enables HMI can be installed in any industrial control environment.

Dual Ethernet ports

Dual Ethernet ports oers you to set up WAN/LAN or two dierent LAN/LAN network configurations. (MT8073iE)

Built-in WiFi

802.11 b/g/n wireless communication standards. (MT8103iE)

Power isolation protection

Eectively avoids surges and ensures thereliability of HMI.(MT8050iE/ MT8071iE/ MT8073iE/ MT8102iE/ MT8103iE)

Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 600 MHz CPU

Not only the MT8000iE Series performs fast booting speed and JPEG display speed, but also greatly improves the communication speed between HMI and PLC.

Built-in isolated RS-485

Eectively avoids the ground potential dierence problem and ensures your HMI endurable in any complicated grounding environment.(MT8070iE)

  • COM [RS-485] supports MPI 187.5K.
  • All iE Series models comply with IP65 rating and CE testing standards.
  • Configuration software, EasyBuilder Pro oers more than 300 drivers for Weintek HMI to connect with various and numerous controllers.

EasyBuilder Pro - Innovators in Software

EasyBuilder Pro features in extremely intuitive user interface and satisfies diverse application demands such as data/event log, recipe database, alarm handling, tag management, macro computing and pass-through for editing data of a remote PLC. During the project development phase, on-line simulation greatly facilitates verification of parameters.

EasyBuilder Pro is the most comprehensive HMI configuration software

  • Support more than 300 communication drivers

EasyBuilder Pro supports more than 300 communication drivers to connect to dierent brand of PLC, Servo, Inverter, Temperature controller, Barcode scanner, and etc.
  • Excellent User Interface

EasyBuilder Pro walks you through the HMI project editing process all with ease, and accomplishes the project managements, such as privilege management, device management, file management, or log management.
  • Extensive Graphics Libraries

EasyBuilder Pro provides sucient high-quality graphics libraries with a wide selection of dierent industrial applications such as packing machine, processing factory, water treatment plant, and many more that greatly reduce your project display designing time




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