Epack 1PH

Epack 1PH

EPack Compact SCR Power Controller

EPack is a compact fully featured power controller from Eurotherm, combining a high level of functionality and configurability with simplicity of setup and operation

Real-world applications

Heat Treatment of Metals – High Frequency induction furnace

The use of induction heating in furnaces is being used more and more in the industry and offers many advantagesincluding:

• Fast heating up of the furnace
• High power density
• Accurate localisation of the heating
• High temperature heating
• At high frequency, the induced currents are concentrated on the metal surface, making this an extremely adaptive method to treat the surfaces of metals

The high induction requires dedicated features on the power controller to limit the inrush current and efficiently control the power delivered. The advanced management of firing modes, range of control modes available and the existence of dedicated features such as delay triggering, make the EPack power controller ideal for these applications.


Glass – Float Manufacturing

The annealing lehr used in float manufacturing has several temperature controlled zones in which glass is heated and then cooled. EPack power controller has considerable benefits for production cost management when controlling the heating elements in these zones:

  • • The energy counter provides vital energy consumption information which can be used to evaluate process performance and identify areas of cost saving
  • • High process reliability is obtained through fast diagnosis of fault conditions
  • • Advanced firing modes offer power factor improvement with associated cost reductions
  • • Digital communications enables transfer of process information for further analysis and process improvement

Whether you select the EPack power controller for its exceptionally compact size, magnificent control, ease of use or flexibility, you can use it in a wide range of applications to address real process challenges, reduce engineering and maintenance time and, ultimately, increase the profitability of your operation.

Intelligent firing modes

The EPack power controller provides a comprehensive range of firing modes including:

  • • Phase angle
  • • Variable burst firing
  • • Fixed burst firing
  • • Intelligent half cycle
  • • Burst/phase angle switching

This choice of options allows power factor and harmonics on the electrical network to be optimized. This, in turn, reduces costs associated with penalties imposed by energy suppliers. New firing modes have been developed to comply with load specifications and to ensure optimum power consumption matched to different types of load, including infra-red, high temperature coefficient types, time dependent and constant resistive loads


 Physical units  Single  Phase 16 - 125 A units
 Mounting    DIN rail mounting or bulkhead mounting 
 Load types   Low temperature class Loads (constant resistive loads)Transformer primaryHigh temperature class loads (Molybdenum,Molybdenum di-silicate,Platinum)Time temperature dependent loads (Graphite,Silicon Carbide)Short and medium wave infra-red 
 Voltage   Power supply up from 100Vto 500Vac (user adjustable during commissioning) +10%/–15% 
 Supply frequency   50Hz to 60Hz (±3Hz) 
 Auxiliary power supply   100Vto 500V+10%/–15% or 24Vac/dc ±20% 
 Control modes   V2control,I2control,true power control,open loop with feed forward and trim modes,threshold limit by PAreduction,proportional limit by transfer V2<-> I2or P <-> I2 
 Firing modes   Phase angle,variable burst firing,fixed burst firing,intelligent halfcycle,burst/PAswitching 
 I/O   One configurable analog input adjusted as 0-5V,0-10V,2-10V,0-20mAor 4-20mAOne fixed digital input (logic,contact) for enable signalOne configurable digital input (logic,contact)One alarm relay 2A(changeover) normally energisedThis relay will be de-energised in case ofserious alarms: short circuit thyristor,open thyristor,fuse blown,missing main,chop off; 24Vsupply fault 
Communication connection   Dual port Ethernet Modbus TCP comms 
 Display   1,5’ TFTcolour 
Configuration   Three methods: complete order code,configuration code or by software (iTools) 
 Features adjustable by the quick start   Firing mode,control mode,analog input type,analog input function,digital input 2 function,Limit enable,transfer enable,nominal voltage,nominal current,load type,transformer (enable/disable) 
 Alarms    Short circuit thyristor detection,open thyristor detection,partial load failure (1 out of6) detection,undervoltage/overvoltage detection,overcurrent (chop-off),comms network fault .... 
 Software features   Energy measurement 
 Certifications   CE – ULcUL 
 Environment   Storage temperature from –25°C to +70°CUsage operating : 0 –45°C Altitude : 1000m 
   Insulation category 3 



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