Remote Access voor industriële toestellen

Remote Access for Industrial Equipment

The world’s first security-certified remote access solution

The simplest most secure remote-management solution

The Secomea solution allows machine administrators to provide remote programming, monitoring and data logging of their customers’ machines.
Designed for users with no IT or networking knowledge, the solution comprises 3 basic components that provide secure communication between the machine administrator and  the machine, no matter where it is in the world.

Placed at the factory (hardware or software)

Web- or Windows-based client for the engineer or end user (for desktops and mobile devices)
M2M server that ties together the SiteManagers and LinkManagers (Cloud-based or stand-alone)

Engineering the future with you

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and it’s an exciting time for machine builders and engineers of all disciplines and industries. They’re hard at work readying their companies and their customers for a completely digitized and automated future – otherwise known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

– and so are we


Security is priority #1

The simpler the solution, the more likely it is to be operated as intended, keeping security firmly intact. The simplicity of the Secomea solution uniquely supports and strengthens the security that’s built right into the solution as first priority.

  • Strong end-to-end encryption
  • Two-factor and three-factor security authentication
  • Event audit trails
  • Role-based account management
  • Standard measures for eliminating risk of vulnerabilities resulting from mal configuration or human carelessness

The world’s first security-certified remote access solution

Secomea was the first remote access solution in the world to be officially security certified. The esteemed German security organization ProtectEM GmBH, which works in close cooperation with the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, performed our security audit based on the following framework:

  • Auditing processes according to NIST SP800-115 & ISECOM OSSTMM
  • Concept auditing based on BSI (German federal office for information security), ISA 99, and IEC 62443
  • Component auditing by individual component analysis and stress testing
  • System auditing where end-to-end security was thoroughly assessed


The complete Secomea starter package

Get up and running in only 15 minutes

The Secomea Starter Package makes it quick and easy to kickstart your remote access experience. Available in both a SiteManager hardware or software version, it’s all you need to get going – and you’ll be online in only 15 minutes.

The Starter Package includes:

  • A SiteManager hardware model that suits your needs – find a complete list of SiteManager hardware models here or consult one of our competent sales reps near you
  • A GateManager Basic Administrator account on a Secomea hosted GateManager server, no maintenance fee*
  • Access to industrial equipment for your technical staff with LinkManager Floating License
  • Free end-user access for monitoring and viewing of event logs on iPhone, iPad or Android devices with LinkManager Mobile
  • Free phone and email support for your startup, connection of up to 100 SiteManagers, 1 LinkManager Floating License, 1 LinkManager Mobile License and an unlimited number of LinkManager users with EasyService Free**

*Upgrade to GateManager Premium Administrator account and get access to advanced user control and detailed user statistics

** The Starter Package may vary from region to region, e.g. due to custom terms and general market levels

Also note that type, extend and time slots for the EasyService Free support may vary according to the international distributors normal service procedures.

Site manager hardware

Rugged certified hardware Secomea SiteManager hardware gateways are rugged aluminum devices designed with industrial specifications. They support all features required for operating as secure access gateways for industrial installations – from small machines to complete production lines and whole factories. All SiteManager hardware gateways are certified for global installations.













Link Manager & Link Manager Mobile

Quick, easy access to your device

LinkManager is designed for remote programming and servicing of industrial equipment. Running on Windows, it approves access to devices and displays a view of all your sites and Site Managers. Each device is shown with its configured name, type and online status. Just locate the device you want to connect to, click it, and you are online.

Smooth compatibility

LinkManager installs a virtual adapter and runs smoothly alongside VPN clients. It is designed for both 32 and 64 bit Windows and runs inside virtual machines such as VMware, ESXi or Hyper-V.

Multiple connection opportunities

Not only can LinkManager connect to UDP- and TCP-based equipment, but it also includes a virtual COM port driver that makes it possible to connect to Serial equipment (connected to the SiteManager) at the factory. You can even connect to a USB device connected to the SiteManager at the factory, and LinkManager will make the device appear on your PC as if it was physically plugged in.


  • Supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows “VPN-like” access to equipment
  • Access to web-enabled devices
  • Access to Remote Desktop (VNC/RDP)
  • Access to USB and Serial devices
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 tunneling access
  • Browser operated

Gate Manager

The center of your solution

The GateManager™ M2M server is the central component of the Secomea solution. Typically it is offered as a service hosted by Secomea, or by one of our distributors, but you can also choose to host your own GateManager. Through the web-based GateManager Portal you can administer accounts, manage SiteManagers and devices, and much more.
The GateManager also operates as a secure termination point for all LinkManagers and SiteManagers. All connections and the encrypted traffic between LinkManagers and devices controlled by SiteManagers are handled by the GateManager, which also logs all events.





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